Learn about Recommerce – Be a smart DVD Consumer!

At Abunda Tradesmart consumerism means putting your unwanted stuff back into the system rather than into a landfill, and getting the stuff that you do want from a socially conscious company that saves you money. When you are a smart consumer, you create a win-win scenario for your wallet and for our environment.

Wasteful consumerism is an increasingly substantial concern. We want stuff, and we collectively spend billions of dollars to get it. In the process, we throw out perfectly useful stuff in order to make room for more new stuff. It is wasteful spending that hurts our pocket books; wasteful manufacturing and disposal that hurts our planet.

In its history, AbundaTrade repaired and recirculated over 250 tons of movies, music, and video games. Rather than taking up space in closets, garages, or landfills, these unwanted items provided cash for our trade in customers. By practicing reCommerce, Abunda Trade returned these items to the market and reduce the need for raw materials to produce new items.

Starting in early 2010, through cooperation with our local Whole Foods Market in Mount Pleasant and with the Preserve “Gimme 5” program, we began recycling #5 plastics. Commonly used for yogurt cups and similar containers, AbundaTrade acquires large quantities of #5 plastics in the form of used DVD and video game cases. Many of the cases we received from trades and other sources came to us in heavily worn conditions. Often torn, marked on, or otherwise unsuitable for reuse, we appreciate the opportunity to keep these cases out of the trash. Instead, the plastic waste is returned to the manufacturing cycle, where it is transformed into useful household items. By the beginning of 2011, Abunda Trade had recycled and saved over 20,000 lbs. of #5 plastics from local landfills.

We took steps to reduce our carbon footprint by reusing packing material and with the use of recyclable shipping material, whenever feasible. In March of 2011, was awarded the South Carolina Smart Green Business Award for their many recycling efforts. At AbundaTrade, we realize that it is just as important for us to make the right decisions in our business practices as it is for our customers to make the right choices about their purchasing habits.

Through charity and support from the For Planet Earth Organization, we have revived the site to further educate the people of this great country of ours about the need to recycle. Although the U.S. is no longer part of the Paris Accords, it is even more important for each and every American citizen to do their part to Educate and Engage in environmental matters.

If we don’t take steps now, our future will be this:

recommerce can save Earth

DVDs and console games are slowly becoming more cloud based. At Abunda Trade, we hope to educate consumers about better alternatives when it comes to DVDs, console gaming and electronics so there’s less plastic in this world.